Interview: Mystic Aura

Here at Spittingflower Productions  we’re always on the lookout for new up & coming bands striking out and hoping to make an impact on the alternative music scene.  First up we shine the spotlight on  Malcolm Argyle – the artist behind Mystic Aura.


Tell us a little bit about Mystic Aura – Who are you and what are you about?

My name is Malcolm, Mystic Aura is my music project. I write all the songs, play all the instruments and produce my own music.  I hope Mystic Aura will inspire others to do their own thing.


Malcolm Argyle from Mystic Aura


How long have Mystic Aura been producing music?

I started working on this in 2006, initially as a hobby just for myself. Then a friend heard a song that I had done and said I must do something with it, so I did. I started work on my first album which has just been released.

How would you describe your music?

I would like to think that my music is a combination of many musical influences. The main influences being Andi Sex Gang/ Sex Gang Children, Killing Joke, Joy Division, Public Image Ltd, Magazine, Ultravox with John Foxx to name a few. In terms of style I would call it alternative with elements of old school Goth and Punk. It’s music from the heart, my own emotional landscape and weaknesses along with observations on the world in general.

Are there any plans to expand Mystic Aura by bringing in other musicians? Or is it your intention to remain a solo artist?

At the moment there are no plans to bring anyone else in although I never say never. The thing is, I have written and recorded close to 50 songs and I know how I want things to sound. I have a particular way of working, it is after all my vision. It would be hard to have anyone else involved as they would have to follow that vision.




You’ve just self released your debut album – how have you found the process of being both the creative drive behind the album, and managing your own promotion?

If I hadn’t been made redundant we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation. I just wouldn’t have had the time to do everything. Mystic Aura has essentially become my full time career. I have found it challenging but rewarding at the same time.

How challenging has it been navigating the music industry as a new independent  artist?

I have found it quite challenging at times. With the internet there are far more options to get your music out there than say there was 25yrs ago. Everyone is competing for their own little space, but I think good music will stand out whatever. I’ve not changed my principle on music from day one. I write music from the heart and not just what people want to hear like so many other bands.

 You’ve built up quite a following via social networking – is it important to you to be able to connect with your fans in this way?

Yes, I think it is important to be able to communicate with the people who connect to my music and to be approachable like the bands that influenced me. I want to inspire people to follow their own dreams or express their own art like I have done.

 The way to go – Independent ? – Or are you looking for a record deal? 

The good thing about remaining independent is full artistic control which I like. The downside is financial as I have to pay for everything myself. If a record deal came my way, I would have to consider it on both of the above points. I won’t compromise my music in any way however.


Malcolm Argyle Mystic Aura Interview pic


Finally – what’s the future for Mystic Aura? Any gigs in the pipeline?

The future is looking good. Obviously I am concentrating on the release of  ‘The Calling’, but am also already half way through the second album ‘Beauty’ which hopefully will be released later this year. There are also a couple of side projects lined up with some other musicians as well. Not sure about gigs yet.  There may be something in Leicester towards the end of the year gig-wise. I don’t want it to be just another gig however, I want this to be an event.

I would just like to say a big thank you to William Westwater, Derek Edward Price, Maz, Berwyn for their support and help and also to everyone else who likes my music Thank You.


Mystic Aura ‘The Calling’ is now available to buy direct from the artist.

Check out the Mystic Aura Facebook page & Myspace for further details.